"When I want to party I party with Jesse James, one of Virginia's best Dj's, you should too!"
WRIR ABC 8 news Anchor Juan Conde

“Trifecta's performances are not to be missed, they blew me away in D.C. and I can’t wait to see them rock out again.” 
Disney XD Director, Actor, & Singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

“Trifecta's performances in Washington D.C. opened a door to something ancient and sublime, may it never close.”
Actor Scott Simpson

"When is Trifecta playing again? You guys kicked ass in D.C."                     Actor Todd Haberkorn

"Is Trifecta going to perform at Zenkaikon again this year, I thought you all had a great showing,  I'd definitely love to see you again"
Eric Bezuhly

"Doc said I shouldn't be going to a rave. I said no, it's just that I shouldn't be dancing about, I was happy to sit up front for the entire 3 hour event Trifecta put on in Pennsylvania, you guys put on a heck of a show!"
Christine Principato

"I absolutely LOVED both raves! DJZing did an amazing job, but I feel like Trifecta should get all of the credit! Their rave was the BOMB! You guys totally need to have him again. He plays all of the best stuff with a really good mix of everything! Do whatever you can to have Trifecta show up again!"


Trifecta is the unique culmination of musical artists with distinct backgrounds and varying styles. Like paints on a pallet, single ingredients are blended together to create of a work of art on a living musical tapestry. By definition they're a Classical Cross-over group, with a focus on Electronic music ranging from Theatrical, Video Game, and Anime. Though they often feature guest performers such as American and Taiko Drummers, the key players in this group are Violinist Johnny Benson, and DJ Jesse James Felice

Having studied abroad at the University of Austria, performing with world renowned musicians and several Symphony Orchestras, and the youngest member of fame at 12, Johnny Benson continually pushes his violin to new heights, for he will always be an entertainer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a classical aria or metal riff, Johnny will leave you breathless.

Jesse James Felice has performed in clubs, museums, conventions centers, & other large venues. He was invited to tour with a DJ that’s been involved with International DJs Eric Prydz and Tiesto. Suzie Del Vechio, a singer signed & touring with world renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold reviewed Jesse’s work, in short she had this to say "Jesse's work is beautiful." Author Robert V. Aldrich wrote “If you learn he’s DJing a party or dance near you, you should definitely make sure to go check him out. For music that is as innovative as it is entrancing, you will find no one better”. Jesse holds to the philosophy “The DJ is part shaman, part technician, part collector, part selector, & part musical evangelist. Doubtless he is a craftsman, his primary medium is emotion, he is never greater than his audience, his ideal is that the DJ is in equal parts performer & listener.

Trifecta performs at raves, concerts, mini-concerts, opening/closing ceremonies, and masquerade half-time shows to name a few.