I've toured the world and seen it all; Jesse is one of the best event coordinators in the United States. My concert had hit a snafu; a crucial piece of equipment was missing and I couldn't go on with out it. With his quick, resourceful thinking, Jesse was not only able to find and purchase the gear I needed, but also had it hooked up and ready to go within half an hour. Officially, that was his first year as an event coordinator.
Actor, Singer, and DirectorVic Mignogna

“Jesse’s performances are not to be missed, he blew me away in D.C. and I can’t wait to see him rock out again.” 
Disney XD Director, Actress, and Singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

"When I want to party I party with Jesse James, one of the best deejays...you should too!"
WRIR ABC 8 news Anchor Juan Conde

"Jesse's work is beautiful, I loved his Celtic Woman Remix"
Paul Oakenfold Singer Suzie Del Vecchio

“Jesse’s performances opened a door to something ancient and sublime, may it never close.”
Actor Scott Simpson

"Jesse James is one of the best personal assistants in the country, he single-handedly saved my concert with his quick thinking and resourcefulness."
Director, Actor, Singer, and Song Writer Vic Mignogna

"Jesse Felice is excellent at what he does, he booked our flights, airport transportation, hotel accommodations, coordinated autograph sessions, panels, workshops, provided security, and saw to my equipment needs, I could use someone like Jesse when I'm on tour."
Director, Actor, and Musician Richard Epcar

“Jesse created the perfect vibe for our event. Music sets a mood, and he set the right one. His time and talent helped make it possible for us to raise more than $10,000 to help serve our community.
Karen A. Legato. MPS, MSW, Fan Free Clinic Executive Director

"I can't thank you enough for an amazing weekend!  I had such a wonderful time, you're a great personal assistant, thanks again for all your hard work.
Actress Juliet Cesario

“You know that one song you leave the club thinking about, that one song that has you saying 'man, who did THAT mix?'; that's Jesse James Felice. Drawing from a variety of influences, creating a diverse tapestry with each song, his whole catalog is a vibrant reminder of the beauty of music and each piece sounds like a hit from a best-of collection. Each of Jesse’s mixes are a unique experience that settle somewhere between what you're use to and what you like, and something totally new." One thing that has always made me gravitate towards every one of Jesse’s pieces is how dynamic each one proves to be. So many deejays find a good sound, a good groove, and they live and revolve around that. And it may be good, but the music often feels flat, almost ambient. Jesse’s work is radically different because it’s an ebbing, flowing piece; it’s a dialogue and an exploration that DJ and audience take together. It isn’t flat or placid, nor is it bombarding and overwhelming, it’s perfectly set so that the music becomes a modem for a larger, grander experience. Any fan of music, regardless of their preferred genres, owes it to themselves to check him out. For music that is as innovative as it is entrancing, you will find no one better."
Author Robert V. Aldrich