After spending two years as a manager, tour assistant, and brand ambassador to one of the world's foremost DJ's and Music Producers, Jesse focuses forward  on his own path. With 15 years of collective experience as DJ, music producer, a/v editor, writer, and personal assistant, Jesse is excited to get 2018 underway. Jesse will primarily focus on music production for media, a return to weddings, and a small national tour where he'll not only perform, but also roll out his new "music camp" series for those looking to break into the entertainment industry.   

Jesse is in the process of re-branding under a new moniker, as a means to draw distinction between his wedding and corporate side, and the work he does in music licensing, production, and club djing. While the new site is being prepped for launch you'll find both sides here. But make no mistake, Jesse isn't a wedding DJ who happens to do festivals and clubs; he's a rock star who happens to be great at both!

Stay tuned, 2018 is ramping up to be an exciting year.


"Jesse's a bright kid with good ideas; his unique ability to think outside the box led to several successful deals for Perfecto, including Mobile Beat Las Vegas, and Stealth Sonics in Singapore. His POP Funko pitch was particularly clever."
Perfecto Records Owner Paul Oakenfold
DJ, Producer, CEO

"Jesse's passion, creativity, and guile are infectious and make for a great experience, on and off the dance floor."
Bass Camp Festival Founder & CEO Paul Reder
Former Caesars Entertainment Vice President

"Jesse's performances are not to be missed; he blew me away! I can't wait to see him rock out again!"Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Disney Director, Actress, and Singer Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

"When I want to party I party with Jesse James, one of the best should too!"
ABC News Anchor Juan Conde

"Jesse’s work is an ebbing, flowing piece; it's a dialogue and an exploration that DJ and audience take together, perfectly set so that the music becomes a modem for a larger, grander experience. Any fan of music owes it to themselves to check him out. For music that is as innovative as it is entrancing, you will find no one better."
Author Robert V. Aldrich

"Jesse did an amazing job deejaying our wedding. My husband and I are gamers and Jesse catered to that, playing orchestral versions of various character themes from different games, from console to computer. He was very professional with his method, he arrived early for set-up, had all his bases covered for announcements, song choices for various important events, and even provided a timeline to get the most out of the allotted time block. He also happens to be a very nice and responsible guy!"
Josie & Kumo Holden

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Have a great day, =)